About Ruby’s Kitchen

What we do


With the love of, and with the growing interest throughout the world of all things food, we are happy to introduce ruby’s kitchen and cooking school – the only one of its kind in calgary!

This has been a dream of ruby and her son rahim, the creators of ruby’s kitchen for years. Sharing their passion with others is a fundamental part of the company’s culture and mission!

The goal


To create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for our guests to learn some of the world’s most famous dishes in indian cuisine – men, women, young, old, experienced and novice… everyone is sure to find a class they will enjoy and we would love to have you!

Step 1: choose an item you would like to learn.

Step 2: choose a learning method (demonstration or hands on).

Step 3: choose a time that fits your schedule.

It’s that easy!


Whether you are novice or an experinced cook we invite you to join us in our newest culinary adventure. The ruby’s kitchen cooking school is a fun, home-based classroom and the place to be if you love to cook, love to eat or just want to have a great time.

We offer many different indian & non-indian dishes ranging from appetizers to main courses and desserts. If there is something that you would like to learn and you don’t see it on our list, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll do our best to teach you a recipe that you will love to cook forever.


Who we are


Welcome to Ruby’s kitchen and cooking school. During these classes it is my hope that you will enjoy and learn to make gourmet indian food that is healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious. There are many different types of indian food depending on what part of india it comes from. We are going to learn the ‘ismaili’ style of cooking which orignates from gujarat in india. However having lived in east africa the cuisine has an east african touch to it.

Good cooks are not born, they are made after lengthy periods of hard work, commitment and dedication, and that exceptional care is taken during all stages of food preparation and presentation.

I was ruby was born in kampala, uganda and lived in nairobi, kenya. I came to canada in 1974.

I began my culianry education in kenya. While still a youngster, i learned to prepare traditional and western dishes from my mother, and her grandmother who also were both exceptional cooks. A recipe book was foreign to our mothers and grandmothers. Each dish was taught down the generations until daughhters became proficient like their mothers. I owe my culinary skills to my mother who is a gourmet cook and to this day loves to create in her kitchen.

These early experiences inspired me to dedicate mysef to on going learning. Growing up i spent many hours in the kitchen wth my mother in the family restaurant called “summer place”, frequently visited by the president of kenya, jomo kenyata and his cabinet ministers, , film stars such as bill trevors, jo adamson, asha parekh, and johnny mukherjee, and the elite british settlers who loved indian food. Summer palace soon became famous for its curries, masala fish and steaks.

I arrived in canada in 1974 and found that many of the recipes that i loved to cook did not work here as many of the ingredients were not available back then. Through practice and trial and error and with the support of family and friends i fine tuned the receips using ingredients that were availale at the time to create mouth watering recipes.

Today most ingredients are available in north america and the love for indian food is widespread. It is my hope that you will gain valuable information and learn to make delicious mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

So come and tantalize your taste buds, learn about spices, and learn to prepare some delicious foods for your friends and family with ease.